Without Pain

For the last few years walking on hard floors was very painful from my calluses and corns. It made it very hard for me because I am very active and would get discomfort when I played softball. After Athena addressed the calluses and corns on my foot I can now walk comfortably without pain. I am sold on the foot care I received from Athena. In the future I won’t wait so long to have her take care of my feet.

A Blessing!

We had a WONDERFUL experience with Athena!
My wife and I were struggling to find good, dependable yet medical based foot care for her father in law.
A google search led us to the website of The American Association of Foot Care Nurses, and there was Ajax!
After messaging with Athena here on Facebook, we set up an appointment.
She arrived exactly on time – traveling all the way to near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge – and had everything necessary on hand.
She was polite, professional, took amazing care of his feet and gave us written instructions on how to move forward and getting them healed and healthy again!
We fully intend to keep using Athena/Ajax again and again, and we would definitely recommend other do the same if they need in home elder foot care.
Thank you Athena for everything! You were and are a blessing to us!

Relaxed Atmosphere

We had Athena out last week. Because of the mobility issues I am not able to take care of my feet properly. To start off she was very punctual which is rare in today’s service industry.We would also say that she’s very professional and knowledgeable. Not only do we recommend her, we set up another appointment for future services. Thank you again for offering this in-home service. It offers convenience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Highly Recommended!

My step-father has muscular dystrophy and is wheel chair bound. He is not able to get into a traditional pedicure chair. He was badly in need of a trimming and foot care and Athena came to the rescue! She arrived on time, she was friendly, and she went above and beyond in her care for him. We highly recommend her!