Assessment– a nurse assesses your lower legs, feet, skin and shoes

Toe nail care– able to reduces the thickest, longest toenails and provide help with ingrown toenails

Toe Nail Restoration – Cosmetic Restoration of toe nails.

Skin care– takes care with cracking skin and reduces fissures if needed. Skin care also encompasses the following:

  • Debridement– safely reduce hyperkeratotic skin on feet which may cause calluses and corns
  • Corn/callus reductions– safely reduce or remove corns/calluses

Massage– we provide a therapeutic massage of the lower legs and feet with lotion to promote moisture at the end of your foot care session if not contraindicated

Education– helps you understand best care for your feet and makes suggestions and provides ongoing foot care education

Orthotic Shoes and Inserts – We provide fittings for custom orthotics inserts and shoes from Dr. Comfort during your appointment and deliver them on your follow up appointment. 

Referrals– a nurse makes any necessary referrals if needed to MD’s or Podiatrists.